[AS] PekoMama

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Hi friends,

I made this outfit inspired by Pekomama, so you can make all the cute wholesome screenshots of our beloved mommy.

My goal was to follow her design closely as possible, with some adjustments here and there to make it fit better into FFXIV.

Penumbra is struggling with the Meta Data changes, I included screenshots in the ZIP with info on how to fix Penumbra having issues. PLEASE JOIN MY DISCORD IF YOU NEED HELP. I WILL HELP YOU <3 https://discord.gg/astrildmods

  • The Dress is colorsetted completely, so you can change to your hearts desire.
  • The Tail, Slipper and Ears aren't dyeable as I've handpainted the textures for this.
  • I've made some ears too, Viera can equip them too, in case you're modbeasting your viera into an elf but still want bunny ears!
  • Tail is optional, incase you already use one! Just equip/unequip the ring SEE TROUBLESHOOT PICS IN CASE IT AINT SHOWING UP
  • 42MB, Had to use a 4k map sadly for the normal otherwise details would get lost!
  • Slippers can be toggled off so you're left with just the tights
  • We have Regular tights and stirrups for the feetsies
  • You can remove the tights on the feet too in case you just want the slippers and match with something else on the leg slot
  • 3 sizes, S/M/L as per usual!

(Weights are a bit different on each model due to the position of the ribbon having to be changed due to booba size)

Colorset is on Male B Material for the dress!

Attribute Info

If you wanna hide the Arms - Attribute C - SEE PENUMBRA ZIPPED PICS


  • Riviera Dress
  • Bridesmaid's Thights
  • Bridesmaid's Sandals
  • Bunny Crown
  • Brand-New Ring (left)

Posing Tip for Ears: 

They use special bones, j_ex_met_b

- Troubleshooting Penumbra -

Penumbra might have a meltie and have a certified Penumbra moment again

Please hop in the discord if the Screenies I've added aren't enough help, I will help you out <3 https://discord.gg/astrildmods

Ask me if you need help! I implore you to go to Penumbra setting, Advanced and toggle the Meta Data option before importing the modpack.

Perms: Do as you please, upscales, change it etc, all I ask if you don't resell my work (if you want to port it to other games etc, please DM me beforehand!)

PS All my spicy mods will be moved to Patreon due to Gumroad's new TOS. IF you want this cheaper, all my previous content, and my verboten context henceforth, check out my Patreon

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[AS] PekoMama

0 ratings
I want this!