[AS] Sapphic Strap - Nofflebones Gear / IVCS Animation Compatibility


A new era of animation asks for a new era of strappy fun time...

Begone medieval contraptions, we bringing some modern goodness!

If you want to use PayPal, please check out my discord for options! https://discord.gg/astrildmods

You will NEED the new and improved Nofflebones Skeleton + Unique Racials Metadata for this, check out Noff's Discord for more information.

NFLB is a new skeleton for animation, compatible with IVCS animations, 250+ new bones to play with! To name a few additions: a new bulge bone, more vagina bones, nipple bones, clothing bones and many more fun additions to bring animation modding scene to a higher level!

I've included Noff's new Unique Race Materials + Skeleton, you NEED to run this to work. The outdated IVCS Unique Racials/Skeleton NEED to be replaced with the Nofflebones ones! Your IVCS meshes and animations will still work with this!

  • Yes it animates with Nofflebones/IVCS animations - Second page of the preview you can see Noff's Gemriding in action with both ladies wearing the strap!
  • Functional Vagina, Anus, Penis and Balls bones. Yes, they all animate. Yes the work with all IVCS animations (and the new Nofflebones) Yes, you can all gpose them to your hearts content. You can have strap on on strap on action now! Small caveat, there will be some warping as with any gear mod (see video). I even ended up redesigning the look several times to alleviate this, because I despise ugly warping and clipping as much as you all do.
  • 3 sizes - Small Medium Large - Scroll below. Large is about the same as the old IVCS strapon is.
  • 2 Harness styles - Default and a Minimal look.
  • 2 Dildo Variants - Without and with balls.
  • 38 Dye patterns for the Dildo - Scroll Below - I tried to add as many different types of colour palettes, and threw on some more realistic options in there too. I tried to cater to as many different types of vibes, from femmes, to butches, to femdom mommies, to pegging queens, there is something for you out there I'm sure! However if you feel something is missing, give me a DM and I may add more colour combos!
  • 6 Dye Patterns - Silver/Gold - Default Dye - Edge Dye - Whole Harness Dye. Yes, even the metallic dyes will work.
  • Options per Race - So you can have different style for a different gal.
  • Freyja 4.0 Pubes - All of them. Some are more visible then others are due to the nature of the strap on blocking view of the pubic area.
  • Will it work for b+? Yes, slap your compatibility files on it. It works for both Gen3 and b+. However for best results, run Nofflebones Freyja!

You need Noff's new Unique Racial file + Skeleton. You will end up with issues if you do not run this. I cannot stress this enough. All IVCS animations and meshes will work still tho! Check out Noff's Discord for more info about this!

Disclaimer: It is in testing phase, so minor issues may arise at this time! We are actively updating issues as we get across them, so be aware of this if you grab this!

If I messed up somewhere during packing, let me know. I had to manually add over 500 textures for this, a whooping 84 models, so I may have skipped or added something wrong. I will fix it ASAP if you DM me about it!

Tip for Customize+: C+ will effect the harness like any other Nofflebones/IVCS gear, so keep that in mind. You can fix the issue of the dildo scaling out of the harness by adjusting the penis/balls bones! Sadly this is all end user related, and nothing I can do about except tell you how to wrangle the dildo back in place. I'm sure if you're able to run C+ this is a super easy fix for you anyhow!

PS I fixed the tiny clip with the decora you can see on my Viera.

For my PayPal friends, Check my Discord (click for link) to see the PayPal options as Gumroad had to yeet it. I have an alternative!

I want this!

A Modern Nofflebones/IVCS Strap On

2 Dildo Shapes - Default & Balls
3 Dildo Sizes
2 Harnass Styles - Default & Minimal
6 Dye Patterns
6 Dye Patterns
38 Dildo Colours
Made for Nofflebones, old IVCS animations will work!
Working Anus/Vagina/Penis/Balls Bones
All Freyja 4.x Pubes
Options per Race
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[AS] Sapphic Strap - Nofflebones Gear / IVCS Animation Compatibility

I want this!