[AS] VA/SFX - Noff's Doggy Style


Hi friends, I'm bringing you some VA/SFX again! This time we gobbling on all the things, or not!

If you want to use PayPal, please check out my discord for options! https://discord.gg/astrildmods

You're going to need Noff's Doggy Style https://noffleshop.gumroad.com/l/nflbdoggystyle for this to work!

We got Option for BJ gobbling sounds, or just regular sounds, if you do not wish to have a spit roast going on. Or just want the blowjob, or just want the doggy, also SFX Sound only.

The penetration sound is on the 'Top' so you can have BJ only sounds too, in case that's more your thing.

We got the usual Mature/Sprout option too.

  • BJ Receive Top Mature
  • BJ Receive Top Sprout
  • Bottom BJ Mature
  • Bottom BJ Mature Sloppy
  • Bottom BJ Sprout
  • Bottom BJ Sprout Sloppy
  • Bottom Regular Mature (Regular Moaning)
  • Bottom Regular Sprout (Regular Moaning)
  • Top Regular Mature
  • Top Regular Sprout
  • Top Regular SFX Only

Total of 11 Sound Files

Reminder: Put SFX/VA one priority higher than the animation.
The sound is on System Sounds in your settings.

PS: Sounds work on males too, so you can still clap your person of desire's cheeks with SFX only sound in case you don't want the feminine moaning to go with it.

PSS: The Strap on You can grab here https://astrildmods.gumroad.com/l/sapphicstrap
The Pasties: https://astrildmods.gumroad.com/l/simplepasties

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[AS] VA/SFX - Noff's Doggy Style

I want this!